Membership in the Ala Moana Jaycees is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 39.

Annual dues are $50 for new members (includes national processing fee) and $45 for renewals.

Membership in the Ala Moana Jaycees also includes membership in our state, national, and international organizations.



The Hawaii Jaycees is comprised of 20 chapters across the state and its chapters have contributed to the flavor of the islands with many projects that have grown to statewide recognition including the Aloha Week Parade, 50th State Fair, and Bood Bank of Hawaii to name a few.



Founded in 1920, the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, is the founding national organization of the Jaycees worldwide. Over the years, through times of peace and war, prosperity and crisis, the USJCC has made an undeniably significant contribution to the growth of our country. Notable Jaycees have excelled in every arena from aviation to politics, a good number have gone on to serve as President of the United States, citing their time and affiliation with the Junior Chamber as contributing to their success. In addition to the various national emphasis programs of the USJCC, the organization annually recognizes the Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA). Honorees meet the criteria for membership in the Jaycees and serve as living examples of the great things young leaders can accomplish.



Presently in 102 countries, the Junior Chamber International (JCI) was founded in 1944, amidst the shadow of war. The organization was formed under the premise that young people working for mutual understanding could prevent another holocaust from developing in the future.

JCI provide a unique connection to the world through it's initiatives, programs, and events. With a strong emphasis on economic development and improving the human condition worldwide, and with a structure similar to that of the United Nations Assembly, JCI brings together young leaders and creates relationships and understanding that will ensure a brighter future for the world.